Asian Consortium for Computational Materials Science (ACCMS) has entered into 10th year of its existence. Five successful conferences and four general meetings of virtual organization has boosted the computational materials research in the Asian region. In order to optimally utilize our resources and manpower, it is widely felt that we should have working group meetings on the emerging areas of materials simulation. Scientists not only from Asian region but also from all around the world had exchanged their state-of-the-art research results in the previous working group meetings in Japan, 2006 (on clusters and nanomaterials) and in Singapore, 2008 (on hydrogen storage materials).

In view of the rapidly growing demand of integrated simulation technology to design nanodevices and relevant processes, the third Working Group Meeting (ACCMS-WGM3) on “Advances in Nano-device Simulation”will be held in Korea.

The scope of this meeting will encompass fundamentals as well as application aspects of all process and device simulation studies ranging from future molecular devices, low-dimensional nano-devices to Si nano CMOS. Both bottom-up and top-down approaches to implement a nano-device are discussed.

Following topics will be covered in ACCMS-WGM3 (but will not be limited to)

    • Quantum and Semi-Quantum Transport Simulation
    • Structure and Property Simulation for Nanometer Scale Channel Stacks
    • Defects and Interface Modeling for Nano-devices
    • Modeling Technology for Low-dimensional Nano-devices
    • Correlated and Spintronics Materials for Nano-devices
    • Multiscale Simulation for Technology Driven CAD